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A Leader is Only as Good as Their Team

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

-Helen Keller

Dani's Kitchen Shop Core Team

When I transitioned to being self employed I figured it would be years before I started growing my team. I was wrong! People are the heart and sole of what we do and I needed to start building my team right away. Dani's Kitchen Shop is made up of a core team of talented, driven and powerful women ready to bake the world a better place. I am so proud to introduce you to the core team behind Dani's Kitchen Shop:


Myself, Dani am the owner, sole cookie decorator, creator of content, and visionary behind Dani's Kitchen Shop. I spend the bulk of my time decorating cookies, creating content and teaching classes. The three areas that make this my dream job. I have always had a passion for baking and learning techniques to be the best home baker and cook possible. I love trying new recipes and even in the busiest of times I try to challenge myself to try new recipes weekly. Now I get to share so many of my lessons learned with you!


Mickie serves as the Assistant Manager for Dani's Kitchen Shop. Mickie handles behind the scenes website management, order tracking, class scheduling and booking. Basically she keeps the business on track. Mickie is also the head of packaging; taking care to ensure each cookie is packaged to perfection. (Word of caution, handle those cookies with care or Mickie will let you know about it!) You can also find Mickie on the sales floor at Pop Up Shops helping you find the perfect cookie!


Mercedes has taken on the role as Lead Baker. Mercedes has a niche for baking and her attention to detail in baking the perfect cookie is an essential part of the process. It takes a special skill to bake by smell and I am telling you Mercedes has it! Mercedes helps fine tune new recipes with her detailed baking techniques. On top of baking thousands of cookies Mercedes keeps our kitchen organized. She is the master of organization and order for all things. Even keeping track of how many cookies we produce!


Michelle steps in once or twice a month to teach classes. Her passion for food and knowledge of food science is the perfect match for our team. Michelle has a Master's Degree in Food Science from Washington State University. With each new class Michelle shares tidbits that help us better understand the cooking process and how to make sure we have success with each recipe. If you get the chance to cook with Michelle I can guarantee you will learn all of the why's behind what you are doing. Michelle has also traveled the world and explored food along the way. She has a wealth of knowledge to share and we are so lucky to have her as a guest instructor at our kitchen.

To say I am proud of this team is an understatement. This team makes my world go around. They inspire me every day to build my dream, push the limits and most importantly when I take on way too much they show up and make it happen.


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