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Welcome Dani's Kitchen Shop

Dani’s Kitchen Shop is owned and operated by Dani Annala. Dani specializes in making custom sugar cookies for life events and kitchen education for the home cook.

The idea of Dani’s Kitchen Shop started long before it became a reality. As a youth development professional I worked in a variety of settings from break rooms, science rooms, classrooms, conference rooms, to the outdoors. I taught many different food prep and cooking skills and ultimately dreamed of having the perfect teaching kitchen of my own. In 2015, I established a business Dani's Kitchen Shop, with the sole intention of providing kitchen education to the Columbia Gorge Community. As with all businesses it takes time and risk to launch, and I just wasn’t in the position to make the jump. In 2019, while working as a food safety coordinator I stumbled into my niche and launched “Phase 1” of my business—custom sugar cookies! I’ve always enjoyed sharing my baking with family, friends, and my community. As a self-taught decorator, I get to continually learn and grow my artistic creativity.

I began my business by working under the Oregon Cottage Law and then quickly grew to the licensed domestic bakery. I worked full-time during the day and baked and decorated by evening. On November 28, 2019 I temporarily stepped away from my day job as a food safety coordinator to focus on family, cookies and re-evaluate. Within my first year in business holiday cookie requests had grown to a level that afforded me full-time work but I quickly realized I wasn't fully prepared to transition to self employment.

In January of 2020, I returned to working full time with Oregon State University as a 4-H Youth Development Coordinator. I was excited to head back to where I started my professional career path and start teaching those baking and cooking classes I so desperately missed. Cookies continued while I worked towards building stability for my family with the goal of growing my business in the future. October 1, 2021, roughly three years in business and the acquisition of a commercial property with the intention of building my bakery and teaching kitchen space, I decided it was time to focus all my energy on expanding my business, raising my kids, and living my best life. I left the professional workforce and became fully self employed.

In July of 2022, I moved into my new kitchen operating as a licensed bakery and began my business expansion into kitchen education through classes and bringing in members of the community to share their skills. Today, we offer a variety of cooking and baking classes open to the public as well as the opportunity to book private events.

It is my intention to make Dani’s Kitchen Shop an inviting space for all to learn valuable life skills, network and build community. While Custom sugar cookies remain the primary business, kitchen education will be a new focus.I can't wait to see you at the kitchen!

Dani Annala

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