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Bringing an Idea to Life- Holiday DIY Kit

The Pacific Northwest Cookie DIY kit was a year in the making. I am so excited to have it available for purchase this holiday season. You can pre-order online or stop into our pop up shops and find it this season. The kits includes everything you need to decorate a 3 dimension holiday Sasquatch Mountain scene.

Product development is a big process. I wanted a unique design that also provided enough materials to create a detailed piece of art.

I am constantly inspired by things around me, conversations and other's questions and ideas. Most of my cookie ideas stem from one of these sources. It was over a year ago in conversations with another baker that the Pacific Northwest DIY Holiday Cookie kit was dreamed up. I had a clear vision and knew I wanted to make it happen. Thus the process began.

In January 2023, I built my first prototype and I knew it was just what I wanted! I drew out my designs and hand cut them out with a knife. I mixed a limited batch of colors and began building.

I shared it with friends, family and other bakers to get feedback. More ideas came. I developed a new recipe and it is simply the perfect breakfast cookie if I do say so myself but ultimately the goal was to create a perfect foundation for a 3 dimensional kit.

I continued building prototypes throughout the year with slight tweaks to make the sure that the kit provided the most success. We tested bake times, cookie thickness, cookie size and then dove into icing.

We settled on five icing colors with varying thickness to provide opportunity to decorate in a variety of ways and ensure the most success when assembling. We selected a variety of candies to include in the kit that would provide ideal decorating options and are fun to munch on while decorating.

As we neared the holiday season I was scrambling to get cookie cutters made in time, so that our design could be mass produced and sold for the 2023 holiday season. Let's be honest we have a few things going on in our kitchen and time got away from us. I leaned on our local High School STEM department to 3D print the needed cutters and they came through allowing us to produce in time.Finally, I enlisted the help of a graphic designer to create labels and now it is ready for you for the 2023 holiday season!

You can order you kit online or we will be open on Fridays and Saturdays in December 10am-1pm and you will be able to find us around the Columbia River Gorge all season at Pop Up events! Or join us at the Kitchen December 20th from Noon-5pm for an Open studio event where you can buy any of our kits and decorate them with us.

This holiday kit is a dream come true for me. I love bringing an idea to life and I can't wait to see your take on my kit. I know the creativity that will come from this will be endless. Cheers to a creative holiday!

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