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"Can Cookies, Cows, and Friendship Bring Awareness to Colon Cancer?"

You might not see it today, but I have a deep passion for cows. I spent much of my childhood in the barnyard, showring or scouring the rangeland. Cows put me through college, built my entrepreneurial nature and connected me to some great friends! One of those friends being Maddee Moore.


Cows are ultimately the root of my friendship with Maddee. I met my friend Maddee in 2006 on the Oregon State Fair Grounds beef wash rack. As she recalls my heifer, and I were calm cool and collected while Maddee and her heifer were having a boisterous bath together. Looking back this interaction reflects most of our relationship. Little did we know that we would soon be attending college together and off traveling the country on a livestock judging team. In those few years we developed a friendship that is hard to find. While we have both gone our separate paths, we have had the occasional adventure together and have always joked of starting a joint business of Mani Enterprise.


In 2023, Maddee was diagnosed with colon cancer and it stopped me in my tracks. How could this vibrant, young, wild spirt be diagnosed with this…. I knew I must do something and while I couldn’t fight the battle myself, I knew I could bake. I made cookies to honor Maddee and donated half the proceeds to colon cancer research. Maddee has been so passionate about telling her story and educating others in an effort to bring awareness to a disease that is rapidly growing among young people.

2023 Colon Cancer Cookie Designs


A woman isn’t supposed to state her age. I turned 35 in the winter of 2023, and I thought to myself, we are going to accomplish a lot this year. Nick and I had purchased a house, and the said house needed to be taken down to the studs, because insulation is important. Maybe get married, possibly find some ground to run cows, and to keep my career rolling. And if I was really lucky, a real vacation.


I started to have a pain in my side in September. I thought that’s strange, but it went away and I moved on. Then my seatbelt kept irritating that same area. Fast forward, a pain in my right side was keeping me up at night. Next thought, it had to be my IUD. I had that removed, I can’t say it got better, but the pain didn’t get worse. My doctor said, she didn’t think that was the cause of the pain but wasn’t sure what else it may be. Therefore, it had to be my IT band. And man, I am out of shape. I had gone back to CrossFit and thought I just needed to stretch more.

Adding all this together, I always needed a nap. Like a three hour coma type nap everyday. Of course, I thought it’s my hormones. Nope, some quick testing by another doctor stated I was super anemic. Strange, but ok. She recommend with my random stomach pain to see a gastroenterologist and quickly as I could.


This is the face of a person who was completely clueless that they were living with cancer. I didn’t have standard symptoms, but I knew something was off. I know I am fortunate because I stayed at it trying to figure out my pain. That being said, I am not announcing this for sympathy, but simply awareness. Taking care of yourself should always be a top priority.

Colon cancer is rising RAPIDLY amongst young people. They aren’t sure why today, but there are several studies taking place to hopefully determine this cause. I am committed to helping the research effort and helping my fellow humans.


Introducing the 2024 Colon Cancer Cookie Set

Together Maddee and I are launching the second cookie sale in honor or National Colon Cancer Awareness month in her honor. The cookie designs are inspired by Maddee's passion for telling her story her love of western flare and boisterous spirit. Half of the proceeds will go directly to colon cancer research. 1:24 people will be diagnosed in their lifetime and rates among people under 50 are on the rise. Help fund the research and bring awareness. You can pre order your cookie set online now until sold out.


Cookies will be shipping out or available for pick up between March 15th and 22nd. We are limiting this to 100 dozen cookies so grab those orders quick!

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