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Mastering the Basics: A Course Designed to Teach Essential Baking Skills for Home Bakers

I am a self taught baker. I don't claim to be a pastry chef. I live and breathe for the home baker/chef. When I went off to college there was one thing I was determined to learn. How to make the best chocolate chip cookie. Once mastered, I decided that I needed to learn how to make the best pie and from there the list grew and grew. I have always dreamed of having my kids ask for their favorite dessert and for it to be homemade. This dream is what has fueled the Basic Baker Series Course I am offering in April 2024. I want to spend four classes in the kitchen sharing the fundamentals of baking that have helped me fulfill my home baker dreams.

Week One- Drop Cookie Science, Participants will make two drop cookie recipes and learn the foundational skills for achieving the desired cookie outcome. The recipes covered will be Sugar cookies and Chocolate chip Oatmeal. I will dive into the science of the drop cookies and tips and tricks for how to make sure your recipe comes out perfect. We all have preferences and this course will give you the skills to find the right recipe for your preference and tweak a recipe so that it turns out as expected.

Week Two- Scone Science, Participants will learn the fundamentals of pastry and create their own scone recipe. Participants will also learn how to bake a Classic Vanilla Cake. Scones are one of my favorite things to make. They are quick and easy and a great crowd pleaser. In this class I will share how to have a successful recipe every time. We will also make a classic vanilla cake to be used in class three. In some cases, you just have to plan ahead and this cake will prove that it is worth it!

Week Three- Buttercream icing, Berry Compote and Cake Decorating, Participants will learn how to make buttercream icing with the choice of chocolate or vanilla, a berry compote and assemble and decorate their cake from week two. I think everyone need to know how to make buttercream! It is a necessity. We will also cover the basic skills for decorating a two layer cake filled with a berry compote. This classic Birthday cake will be sure to shine on anyone's special day!

Week Four- Cinnamon Rolls, Participants will learn the science of yeast and how to be successful through creating their own cinnamon rolls. Can you go wrong with cinnamon rolls? I don't think so. Yeast has a few tricks that can help you be successful with any dough and we will cover these while making cinnamon rolls together.

Join me on Thursday evenings in April as we dive into the basics of baking! Tickets must be purchased in advance. Class is held weekly form 5:30pm-7:30pm. Space is limited to six participants.Grab your seat before they are gone!



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