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Cookies Are My Superpower

Have you ever wondered what your super power is? Mine is cookies.

I started decorating cookies as a creative outlet. I was inspired by so many cookiers before me and while I honestly never thought I could run with the best of them I thought it would be a fun outlet. At first cookies were a way for me to decompress from my work and the creative outlet was a welcome relief while working as a Food Safety Coordinator where I managed compliance by day. I have always had a creative side and I found that I desperately needed it in my life. Combining my passion for baking with cookie decorating was the perfect fit.

Fast forward to 2020 and we were thrown into a Pandemic. In a world of the unexpected, unpredictable and extreme uncertainty I found cookies to be a way to connect with people. I found myself making cookies for those that had to postpone birthday parties, weddings, and all types of celebrations. I was at a loss for the joy a cookie could bring someone during this time. In their own way cookies became a way to celebrate life events when we needed it the most.

DIY cookies took off at this time and primarily through my day job as a 4-H Youth Development Coordinator. Shipping cookie kits to students and teaching virtually became a great way to connect with youth when the last thing anyone wanted to do was sign into another zoom meeting. With cookies, people were showing up! Now I have a way for your to yield that power of cookies with Holiday DIY kits and/or ordering your own custom DIY kit.

Just recently, I was reminded how powerful cookies can be. I designed a cookie set for one of my dear friends as she was just diagnosed with Colon Cancer. I knew I wanted to do something and so I turned to cookies. I incorporated her love for Hereford cattle, western flare, and sense of humor into a cookie set in her honor and pre sold sold 125 dozen cookies in 26 hours donating half the proceeds to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance. This set of cookies is really when I realized that cookies are powerful and I have the ability to use this power to help make the world a better place.

Cookies are my super power. Cookies help me spread joy to the world, honor people and connect with people when they need it most. I am in my fifth year of decorating professionally and I just feel like I am starting to run with the best of them. I am always learning and trying to improve my skill but ultimately cookies are my super power and I am just starting to learn how to use them.


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