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Depression Cake Turned Connection Cake

Have you heard of a depression cake? It was a type of cake commonly made during the Great Depression with limited ingredients most commonly omitting eggs and dairy as these ingredients were expensive and or in short supply.

One of my all time favorite cakes is a Chocolate depression cake because it is simple to make, I usually always have all of the ingredients on hand, it requires very few dishes and it tastes amazing! It is the perfect snack with a big glass of milk. Over the years I have incorporated this recipe with my kids. We have a lot of fun making it and eating it!

For Valentine's Season I thought it would be a great way to build some connection. I took my favorite cake and turned it from a depression cake to a connection cake! Carve out a little time and connect over this simply beautiful cake.

We are offering this fun cake making a class geared towards kids on February 3rd from 1-2:30pm at the kitchen. One ticket is for two seats because this season we want to focus on connection! Join us as we walk you through one of our favorite cakes and incorporate some of our favorite games and challenges.

Our second option is to to buy our DIY box and take it home! Our box includes everything you need except water. We have also created a fun game card for you and a partner to work through while baking together. We promise this will make fun date night!

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