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Our Teaching Kitchen

I started Dani's Kitchen Shop is 2015 with the goal of having a teaching kitchen where we could host you and help you develop kitchen skills to be a successful home cook and baker. A place where we could get together and have fun! It took until 2022 for my space to become a reality but my how it has been worth the wait.

Hosting class for your has brought me so much joy. Not only do I get to meet new people and make new friends, I get to learn new things constantly.Your questions challenge me and encourage me to learn more. In our classes, we focus on skills to help the home cook or baker become successful and confident. We try to use ingredients that are readily available and we give you hands on experience in making food, getting the feel for it and learning to recognize when and where things might go wrong.

I don't know all the skills, so I lean on other's to help share skills that I lack. I am building a network of bakers that come in and teach their skills. For example Nikki from east Fork Baking leads Donut classes and Megan from Rustic Roots Baking leading Macarons and Amy from Columbia Gorge Chocolates.

In addition to guest bakers good friend of mine and Food Scientist Michelle has joined me is sharing her skills around food. Michelle leads the bulk of the cooking classes while I lead the bulk of the baking classes. Together we have too much fun! Teaching is a fun way for us to challenge each other better our skills and create new friends.

I love getting pictures our students work outside of the kitchen. Students are often sending me pictures of their work to show off their new skills. We love giving our students to confidence to make good food!

So far we have hosted over 350 students since July 2022. We have taught dinner classes including pasta, soups, salmon, and pizza. We have taught food science classes including canning, cheese making and condiments. We have taught baking classes including pies, scones, cookies, toaster pastries, bread, donuts, macarons, and cake decorating. Our most popular classes continue to be cookie decorating with over 50 seats filled this coming month.

We offer public classes monthly listed on our website but we also book private classes for groups of four or more. We look forward to hosting you and giving you a hands on experience that will last a lifetime!


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